SPIRIT OF LIFE CHORUS is a 75+ member ecumenical Christian concert chorus performing in church sanctuaries and auditoriums throughout the northern Illinois area. Formed in the fall of 1989 with 17 charter members, today, SPIRIT has grown to over 75 singers and musicians. Our solid, musical reputation of dynamic concerts with strong emotional appeal is performed from the heart of each member. “SPIRIT” style music is presented with a joyous dedication to bringing the love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ to all who listen.

Fifteen years ago, SPIRIT dedicated ourselves to singing concerts each year as benefits for worthy organizations, causes, families and individuals. In so doing, to date, coupled with corporate grants, we have helped to raise in excess of a quarter of a million dollars. 

The members of THE SPIRIT OF LIFE CHORUS cordially invite you to
""Celebrating 30 Years of Spirit"  as we present a wide variety of our favorite spiritually uplifting music as we begin our 30th year of proclaiming His glory. Come join us this season and enjoy the diversity of our program as we stand in His presence and sing His praises.

See you at the concert!

Listen to Musical Samples Here:    My Jesus I Love Thee   

Jesus Loves Me    He is the Rock    His Life for Mine

Please check our concert schedule for locations and times