Spirit of Life Chorus

2007 Recipient

Homefornt Hero Award

On December 18, 2007, Lt. Governor Pat Quinn honored the Spirit of Life Chorus, along with 22 others, saluting our patriotism and efforts to lift the moral of Illinois servicemembers deployed overseas with the "Homefront Hero" award!


Lt.Gov. Pat Quinn with Commander Steve Schaefer                                                        Commander Steve Schaefer & David Barth

 (Veterans of Foreign Wars Post #2992) and

 David Barth, Founder & Director, Spirit of Life Chorus

"I am proud to honor these Homefront Heros for their hard work," Quinn said. "I salute their patriotism and thank them for their efforts in supporting our soldiers. These individuals, and the organization they represent, are a shining example of how everyday people can make an extraordinary difference. During the holiday season, it is especially important to remember our soldiers and their families. Military families sacrifice so much for our country, and it is our responsibility to show our gratitude in every way we can. I hope we all find ways to follow these Homefront Heroes' example in the coming year."

The chorus raised an estimated $30,000 in cash and donations from chorus members and the thousands of people who attended the fall 2007 concert series. The donated daily essentials were and are currently being sent to members of our armed forces serving overseas. Our friends at the Des Plaines Veterans of Foreign Wars Post #2992, package, ship and pay for the postage to make sure the packages get to individual soldiers. Let us never forget that these brave men and women serve their country so we, here at home, can enjoy the freedoms that so many have given up so much to preserve.