Concert Day Attire and Special Cleaning Notes

from Terri - Wardrobe Mistress


Concert Day Notes & Attire

Men & Women

No perfume/cologne or scented lotions on concert days

PLEASE apply underarm deodorant each concert day


    SOL black skirt
    SOL "season" top
    Black stockings
    Black (comfortable) shoes
    Earrings - small gold/pearl/gemstone, not to distract from the outfit
    Black dress slacks (no jeans)
    Black dress shoes (no sneakers)
    Black socks
    SOL vest and white tuxedo shirt OR...
    SOL "season" top




Concert Clothing - Care and Feeding Instructions

Concert clothing should be washed after each concert!


Washing instructions for the new Ladies Black tops:

Wash in cold water, on the gentle/delicate cycle or by hand ...Dryer for 3-5 minutes only on lowest heat setting. Remove from dryer immediately and hang to finish drying. There should be no ironing required.


Washing instructions for the Green, Red or White tops:

 Wash in cold water, inside out on the gentle/delicate cycle or by hand....dry laying flat.
DO NOT put in a dryer!

DO NOT, NEVER EVER (Terri will hurt you) iron or dry clean your top!


Washing instructions for the BLACK & GOLD concert outfits:

The ladies skirts can be washed in cold on delicate and dried in the dryer on low/delicate. 

The ladies and men's black/gold tops/vests can also be washed on a delicate cycle in cold water (or by hand), and should NOT be placed in the dryer.  Hang to dry or lie flat (but a toss in the dryer should not shrink them, if done by accident).